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Logging In

You log into the Facilities Interface with the user code that you would use to log on to tools in the labs.

Viewing the Status of Tools


Once you log in, you will see a table of the tools on which you are trained followed by a list of all untrained tools. In the first column is a red or green icon indicating the current status of the tool (i.e., available or out of order/under maintenance). The second column contains the tool name, and if available, a blue information icon linked to further information about the tool. The last two data columns display the user who is currently logged onto the tool and how long he or she expects to use it.

Creating a Reservation

To see the schedule and reserve a trained tool, click "Reserve" in the far right column. (You may also view the schedules for, though not reserve, the tools for which you are not trained by clicking the "Schedule" link.)

Viewing and Canceling Reservations


You may view a list of your reservations by choosing "My Reservations" from the main menu on the left. From this page, you may click the red minus icon on the right to cancel a reservation.

Note: This web interface is designed using recent technology, so for the best performance use a browser like Firefox.

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